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ZEROCO2 Platform: Why this Project?

Each day, cities, regions and countries must make more efforts to design and implement new strategies and economic models that allow them to face the great challenges of this last decade, especially: 

  • The increase in Population and Poverty.

  • Deterioration of the World Economic System.

  • The shortage of Non-Renewable Resources, and

  • Climate change.

To overcome this group of challenges, we believe that the design and development of a new development model and "technological system" is essential, which allows us to:

  • A development based on Transparency, Massive Collaboration and Productive Capacity of all the people.

  • Generate a Total Productive System where all the systems, subsystems and all the members of the Community are connected and integrated.

  • A development based on the efficient use of resources individually available as well as those for collective use.

  • A development that connects and integrates all systems, subsystems and people, based 100% on clean technologies and that facilitate the participation of all the community members.

  • A Development based on a new model of total integration that allows connection, interaction, communication and co-creation in a safe, transparent, reliable way, without intermediaries and where people are the main source of value generation, change and development.

We believe that it is possible to create a new model and system, where millions can actively participate, collaborate, co-create, share and produce. A new model that allows transforming people into prosumers. This will be the first step in the transition to a totally connected and integrated society, based on wikieconomy, communications, internet, clean technologies, sustainable development and zero emissions. 

"A new revolution has begun and is tearing our current economic model, connecting, integrating and decentralizing everything, but also approaching us and creating new poles of creativity, innovation, development, which will bring together people and groups of people, in specific areas, which will shape a new vision of a world where the micro and macro can coexist, where the big cities will not be the unique points of wealth generation, creativity and innovation. Where the world will be, neither flat (Friedman) nor pointed (Florida), it will really be how we build it all". (Source: Climate Change, a Great Opportunity to Re-Invent our Economic Model, by Daniel L, Espinoza)

Moved by these challenges and the desire to create new solutions, Re-ImagineGroup, ZEROCO2 and their collaborators are working on the study of different models and technologies, analyzing their possible implications in the construction of a better model and service, which can help all the community to be part of a decentralized, connected and integrated global ecosystem. This is part of the mission of ZEROCO2, to make all the members of the community participate in the change.

The ZEROCO2 Platform

Our goal is to develop in several stages, a Technological Platform that will be a decentralized application that will seek to deploy gradually through an open architecture, based on Internet, Blockchain and other technologies, a new integration model where it is expected to generate a new solution and tool that will allow all registered users and members of the ZEROCO2 community to connect, collaborate, share and produce, thus building a new global ecosystem and decentralized development model that involves all members of the community. Promoting in this way New Development Poles that will bring together people, groups of people, organizations and companies, in "Specific Zones Connected and Integrated" to the new Global Economic System, where the value created is distributed in a fair and transparent manner. Imagine the development potential of these Zones decoupled of the hierarchical structure of the current economic model.

Do you want to be part of this new global ecosystem? Join our Community

The ZEROCO2 management team invites all people, companies, entrepreneurs and organizations to be part of our global community and collaborate in the construction of a new model of development, a new world.

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