ZEROCO2: Why a Zonal Model and Perspective?


Our Planet has a "spatial" organization that depends on a complex interaction between the different factors and climatological, physical and biological systems. These factors and systems are constantly changing and evolving, and are an essential feature of the environment, landscape and the surface of the planet.

Therefore all the climatological, physical and biological phenomena have a "spatial dimension" that is projected in a natural way with its individual features and at different scales. 

Human development has exerted a great influence on this "spatial dimension", altering it drastically. This alteration took a new direction from the industrial revolution when man began to use coal as the basis of its development. Since then, large amounts of CO2 have been emitted into the atmosphere, transforming our local influence into global, which has driven Climate Change and its effects such as High Temperatures, Sea Level Increase, Sea Ice Melt, Great Storms, Droughts , among other natural disasters that manifest more or less frequently depending on the area of ​​the planet.

This "ZONAL" Space Perspective with the help of new technologies has helped us to understand how the different systems interact, also how man has altered his environment (and its impacts), and "now through the ZEROCO2 Project, it will help us determine in a specific way the needs, priorities and solutions to build a new model that takes into account all systems being in balance with them.

Now with this information, imagine for instance a neighborhood (Zone) where your neighbors can produce their own energy, sell their surplus or share it with other members of their community that do not have the infrastructure or the capacity to have their own installation. It seems hard to believe. Maybe, but that's what people thought when, years ago, they looked at photovoltaics and believed that they could never be competitive against fossil fuels like coal. 

With these data in mind, "the construction of Zones" where people protect their natural environment, generate their own energy, store it, can connect and share through micro grids and/or smart grids, where they are mobilized with an electric or zero emissions transport system and other clean technological solutions, it is no longer utopian. The construction of Zones is a real model and solution that would give meaning and a great impulse to our efforts to reduce CO2, the fight against climate change and other challenges that are intrinsically related such as population growth and poverty. 

Following, "8 Specific Reasons that reinforce the implementation of a Zonal Perspective" (as proposed by the ZEROCO2 Project), as a basis for the design and development of a Sustainable, Prosperous and Zero Carbon World that benefits all the members of the community and also to the Planet.

These are some of the reasons:

  1. "There is a high degree of coincidence in the priorities and needs of the different interest groups such as companies, people and other members of the Community" 

  2. "It facilitates the process of prioritizing solutions"

  3. "Set an appropriate scale initiatives and projects easily measurable, quantifiable and reproducible" 

  4. "A zonal model and perspective generates a high degree of collaboration and interaction between people, neighbors, businesses and other members of the community"

  5. "It facilitates the research and generation of new opportunities for growth and improvement"

  6. "When generating a zonal model, you become part of an infrastructure, system, program and common law"

  7. "Facilitates the quantification of results and impacts of each actions, initiatives and solutions implemented"

  8. "It makes more effective and efficient the use of resources and efforts made to achieve the same objective"

These are some of the reasons that shape ZEROCO2 and that will allow us to take advantage of the potential of the Internet, telecommunications, clean technologies and people to transform climate change into the greatest of Opportunities to build a Zero Carbon Economy. 

ZEROCO2 Project

Today we invite you to Connect, Share and Collaborate with millions globally, Building a Sustainable World and Zero Carbon. Join Our Global Community: ZEROCO2.WORLD

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